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We are a family with the purpose of helping rehome Dalmatian puppy lovers with the best champion bloodline Dalmatian puppies. We believe in happier and healthier lives through proper nutrition and care. We have a responsibility to provide healthy puppies bred to the highest standards of quality and health.We are deeply committed to offering perfect puppies at an affordable price to a give a chance for all to be able to get to enjoy the glittering and glamorous source of joy this breed can bring for a home.

We understand and share the strong feelings of love and respect pet owners develop for their pets. We will provide your home with a new member who is just ready to shower you with all the love in the world. Welcome to the right place for your Dalmatian puppy search.Moreover, our experience, vision and passion are harmoniously harnessed to make us one of the best Dalmatian dog breeders. Also, the welfare of our puppies is our top priority and we follow through with our breeding in an ethical way, to provide healthy puppies for our Dalmatian parents.Buy a dalmatian puppy today!

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Dalmatians For Adoption

We have many years of experience and have been providing many happy homes with the best health Dalmatian Puppies.

Feb. 15th

Clara & Jose In CA

We received our little baby and are so happy that everything went well, Josh still won't beleive it. We will send pics often. Thanks so much

April. 20th

Gabriel & Maria

“We were recommended by a friend to buy a dalmatian puppy. We had a great experience with you guys. The process was professional. We picked up our puppy at the airport. Dalmatian puppy place was very helpful even after our Dalmatian puppy was home with us the first week, making sure we obtained the same food that our Darrel was used to eating. We will recommend you guys everywhere we go”

Sept. 3rd


Each time the process was very simple. I have received my puppies through air travel and it has always been simpler than I had imagined. My dogs are fantastic and above all they are in excellent health.

Dalmatian Breeders Near Me

Our goal is to provide healthy, smart and beautiful Dalmatian puppies. All our puppies are loved and cared for on a daily basis and are pampered and loved from the day they are born. We do not put any of our puppies in cages or kennels where they cannot move, as we believe this to be cruel and inhumane especially at their tender age. We treat puppies as if they are part of the family and want them to go to homes where they will continue to receive the same unconditional love.

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